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Warriors: New beginning
We're a very new Warrior cat roleplay, two friendly admins. With new plots to explore and the same old Forest setting everyone knows and loves.

Rank Site Rating In Out
Intolerance Version 2
10.00 202 165

We are a traditional warriors role-play, with an exciting plot that is about to start up! We have been active for four months now, and we are always looking for more members.
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Long Shadows
8.36 138 513
A literate warrior cats role-play taking place in the forest of the first series, including the original four Clans. We have a 150 word minimum and are labeled as intermediate-advanced. One year old. Comments
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6.53 107 290

A Warriors RPG set in the old forest. We have a plot on the way, so stay tuned! We have a word minimum on 150 words.
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9.68 85 381
RavenStone is an intermediate Warrior cats roleplaying site. We have lots of members role playing! Comments
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7.18 79 177
we would like to be taken down please ^^ Comments
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Warriors: Get out Alive v2
8.00 43 245

Warriors: Get out Alive v2 is an intermediate-literate RPG with new Clans and territories. We have a fun point system and a 200-word limit.
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9.55 41 303

ABSOLUTION is a new, active and literate Warriors role-play. With the clans slipping into an old groove, it's about time something happened to bring back that old fear of falling...
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Starclan's Prophecy
7.67 30 315
Starclan's Prophecy is a four-year old Warrior's site that is still going strong. We have about 15 active members, but lots of room for new ones. Our plots are unique to each clan, so you will never get bored! Comments
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True Sky
8.40 25 287

The wilds of Alaska are unforgiving, misunderstood, and often very dangerous. Yet, they are beautiful. Who would want to live there, you ask? Why, the wild cats of the Alaskan wilderness, that's who. For centuries, cats have survived through impossible Wi
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Konara Forests (a COLORFUL post-Clans rpg)
9.75 21 185

A literate,all-level roleplay set after the destruction of the original Clans,in a world where colonies are the main way of life and unnatural coat colors and abilities are becoming common.
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Awaiting Allegiances
10.00 2 275
AA is a fun and active RP set in the old forest. We have been going for about three, years and have had two other versions before this one too. We are active and friendly with dedicated members on everyday. New blood is always welcomed though and we have Comments
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Warriors: Faithless
3.00 2 225

Warriors: Faithless is a literate Warriors series roleplay site, with active staff and members, a pleasing layout and many active threads! We also have a good plot, with several mini plots involved to keep our members coming back for more.
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A Warrior's Heart
10.00 1 126

a warrior's rpg, set in the original home of the four clans, where starclan may guide them to their destiny or lead them to their destruction, but most of all, a warrior has to follow their heart to
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warriors united !
NR 0 96

Warriors United has been around for seven years and counting! We are an active and friendly site who are looking for new members. We have tons of high positions still open so come on by and look around or join.
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NR 0 124

Selvatico is a Warriors RP with a Mafia twist. Though the general concept is definitely the same, our ranks and clan names differ. We are a new site, with many high positions open, and no special try-outs required.

We feature ongoing sitewide plots, wh
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Fade Away
NR 0 146

Fade Away is an active warriors RPG with over 40 members, always thriving and gaining new ones! We have active, friendly staff and members; and a unique plot!
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Warriors: The Lost Generation
1.00 0 222
Warriors: The Lost Generation is a Warriors RP site with many characters and excitement! We have around 300 members, 3000 topics and 41000 posts! We opened in 2005 and we're still going strong! Join today! Comments
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Hate and Desperation
NR 0 124
We are a brand new AU Warriors site! We offer a word limit of 150, and an active and kind admin who is open to ideas and suggestions! Comments
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Warriors: New beginning
NR 0 135
We're a very new Warrior cat roleplay, two friendly admins. With new plots to explore and the same old Forest setting everyone knows and loves. Comments
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warriors mysterious seduction
10.00 0 195

we are an original warriors rpg. the clans are thunder, river, wind, shadow and sky. we are set one hundred and forty five years before bluestar.
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Misery and Shame 2
NR 0 116

Featuring the canon Clans, plus SkyClan and the Tribe of Rushing Water. 50+ word minimum for IC post.
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